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Her Irish Road Trip is a tea party, spa day, shopping spree, and consciousness-raising group all rolled into one!  We start off exploring the Western region of Ireland, from the Cliffs of Moher to King John’s Castle, with hiking (if you are able) and more in-between.  Although music will infuse the entire journey, this is where music will be the hub of our activity.  We will venture out during the days, but will return to Doolin on the coast (three nights) and traditional Irish music.

After Doolin, we continue on the West coast and find elegance and quietude on the Dingle Peninsula. Famous for its vistas, the Dingle Peninsula is rich in history and SHOPPING.  Yes, women, we can have it all.  As if we are not pampered enough by three nights at our glorious hotel on the Dingle Bay, we will enjoy a spa visit with a secret ingredient (well, not so secret—see the detailed itinerary on the “Destinations” page).

Let’s cook some traditional Irish food on the Southern coast!  But first—let’s see some sights on the Southern coast and spend a night on an estate built in 1853 on 163 acres of gorgeous gardens and countryside.  While we’re at it, let’s dine at the award-winning restaurant on the estate.

The final leg of the trip takes place in beautiful, river-crossed Dublin.  Museums, gardens, restaurants, and historically significant buildings abound.  Need I even mention the plethora of famous pubs?

So, share in the “craic” with us!  Don’t miss this amazing and affordable trip!


The essence of Her Irish Road Trip is a relaxed environment in which small groups get to know one another and thoroughly enjoy Ireland without time or social pressures.

Gloria Frank, Founder

Let's discover IRELAND !