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The founder of Her Irish Road Trip, Gloria Frank, practiced law for 30 years before discovering her true passion — travel planning. This happened when she planned trips for her family, both domestic and European. She first went to Ireland in 2005 and realized she has an Irish soul (though no Irish heritage). With this simple discovery she launched Her Irish Road Trip, LLC from the United States. She quickly made contacts in Ireland and perfected the 10-day itinerary to combine hot spots like Dublin and Dingle with quiet places in the Irish countryside. There is something for every woman, including three nights in vibrant Dublin — an unforgettable trip with your soon-to-be lifelong friends

Gloria Frank, Founder

Gloria lives in Maryland with her husband of 29 years.  She has two grown children and a pug named Cory.  Her greatest passions — besides her family (duh) — ​are traveling and line dancing.  She has been an attorney, journalist, women’s rights advocate, and public servant.


``The sights and events were just right for us to see Ireland up close.`

Laurel from Memphis, TN

``Thank you for planning an amazing trip.``

Cheri from Indiana, PA

``All of the accommodations were really lovely and it was so nice having our own transportation.``

Lauren from Columbia, MD

``My memories of our trip always fill my heart with happiness!!``

Judy from Scranton, PA

``With all of the wonderful things we did, I felt like it was Mother’s Day every day``

Jan from Minnetonka, MN

``Her Irish Road Trip makes it all magical fun!``

Cora from Ithaca, NY