Moving to Ireland from the US

Moving to another country is a brave undertaking, to say the least. After all, you will be uprooting your entire life, which isn’t exactly a simple task. If you want to do it right, that is. While you probably are excited about the idea of moving to Ireland from the US, know that there is […]

Navigating my Family Through Ireland: Handball Games & Pub Bands

When people ask me why I love Ireland, having grown up in the United States with nary a drop of Irish blood, I say it’s because of the Irish people. I love the Irish people. They are so kind. In native Irish, it takes them six words to say a simple phrase because they have […]

Grafton Street

I’ve been dreaming about Grafton Street. There’s so much to see in Dublin, but I always gravitate to Grafton Street. It started with my love of Glen Hansard, who started as a busker on Grafton Street, but it’s so much more now. I love lingering by musicians, young and old, as they sing the old […]

Confessions of a Hibernophile

A hibernophile is someone who loves Ireland and all things Irish. Is it weird that I am a hibernophile, although I have not one drop of Irish blood? My sister got her DNA analyzed and was pronounced 3% Irish, which we thought was odd for a Jewish girl. However, months later the DNA testing company […]