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Women-only trips, ages 40+
All-Ireland all the time
Discover the adventurer in you


Her Irish Road Trip, LLC began as the brainchild of a middle-aged professional woman who wanted options for traveling outside her family. She also knew that a woman-only group has a special dynamic–different than couples or a singles group.


The essence of Her Irish Road Trip is a relaxed environment in which small groups get to know one another and thoroughly enjoy Ireland without time or social pressures.  There are zero early-morning departures and no if-it’s-Tuesday-it-must-be-Dingle schedule.  Moreover, there is an emphasis on meeting the locals, creating a decidedly more satisfying Irish experience.   These are ten days you will never forget!

May 19-29, 2022

2022 Cost

$3,057 U.S. dollars
exclusive of airfare per person,
double occupancy

``The sights and events were just right for us to see Ireland up close.`

Laurel from Memphis, TN

``Thank you for planning an amazing trip.``

Cheri from Indiana, PA

``All of the accommodations were really lovely and it was so nice having our own transportation.``

Lauren from Columbia, MD

``My memories of our trip always fill my heart with happiness!!``

Judy from Scranton, PA

``With all of the wonderful things we did, I felt like it was Mother’s Day every day``

Jan from Minnetonka, MN

``Her Irish Road Trip makes it all magical fun!``

Cora from Ithaca, NY